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Bryan Cranston let his emotional side shine through in the most recent episode of Inside the Actors Studio, when he revealed to the audience and host, James Lipton what was going on inside his head when they filmed the Season 2 scene in which Walt watches Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend, Jane (Krysten RItter) choke on her own vomit and die in Breaking Bad.

Speaking on the show he said:

“[Walter White] hears [Jane] start to cough and he goes to her because that’s human instinct, and before he gets to her he stops and thinks, ‘Wait a minute — she’s a junkie. She’s got Jesse on heroin; she’ll kill him. It’s better if I don’t do anything. But she’s a little girl — she’s young enough to be my daughter.’"

At this point Cranston started breaking down in tears, as he imagined his own daughter, 22-year-old Taylor Dearden in Jane's position, and he continued:

And then I see the face of my own daughter in her place, and I didn’t want to; I didn’t plan on it …
I guess that’s why I closed my eyes.

Cranston then went on to explain that after closing his eyes he was able to move past imagining his daughter in Jane's place, and let the more "cutthroat" side of Walter White shine through.

Cranston with his daughter Taylor and wife Robin
Cranston with his daughter Taylor and wife Robin

Many viewers of the show regard this particular scene, which occurred in episode 12 of Season 2, as the scene when Walter turned from anti-hero into full blown villain, and it even appears as though Cranston sort of went through that process himself, albeit in a much lesser fashion - pushing aside personal connections to allow the colder side of the character to come through.

Watch part of the interview below:

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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