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The festive season is here, hurrah! What better excuse to whack on a pair of stretch-waist PJ's, eat yourself into a stupor and vegetate before the TV? Until Christmas, of course.

Here's a list of our favorite 14 Thanksgiving episodes to inspire your day of decadence. Enjoy!

1. 'Friends' - The One With All the Thanksgivings

Also known as The One Where Monica Puts Sunglasses On A Turkey And Shoves Her Head Up Its Bum and Shimmy's To Cheer Up Chandler.

2. 'How I Met Your Mother' - Slapsgiving

The start of a very painful, though hilarious, tradition.

3. 'Gossip Girl' - Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without a tantrum from a Vanderwoodsen.

4. 'THE O.C.' - The Homecoming

The Seth, Summer, Anna love triangle comes to a head. So gripping.

"You're passing me up for beans?"

5. 'Modern Family' - Punkin Chunkin

Pumpkin catapult? Why didn't we think of that?

6. 'Cheers' - Thanksgiving Orphans

Thanksgiving FOOD FIGHT. Yes!

7. 'Peanuts' - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

The special when Snoopy serves his guests toast, popcorn, and jelly beans and saves the turkey for himself. Host goals right there.

8. 'Gilmore Girls' - A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

Three words: DEEP. FRIED. TURKEY.

9. 'Full House' - The Miracle of Thanksgiving

How does one forget to defrost a turkey on thanksgiving? Facepalm.

10. 'The Sopranos' - He Is Risen

Piss off Tony Soprano on Thanksgiving and it's turkey to the face for you.

11. 'South Park' - A History Channel Thanksgiving

The episode that introduced the idea of a "massive stuffing shortage" and how terrifying that would be.

12. 'Dexter' - Hungry Man

Serial Killer undercover to kill another Serial Killer at Thanksgiving? That is bloody brilliant TV.

13. 'Parenthood' - Happy Thanksgiving

Such a tear jerker.

14. 'Arrested Development' - Indian Takers

A live duck in the oven? Mother of god...

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