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Very recently, the episode, "Weirdmagedddon 2" aired and a lot of people felt that it was a drag on from the previous episode. And while it does reiterate somethings from the previous episode, I think the "Escape From Reality" as it's alternate name suggests is pretty much that.

Just like any kid's fantasy everyone's fantasy is to escape reality and I think this is why I love this episode so much because it definitely acknowledges that Mabel is in denial, heck, she even calls for her waffle guards to put the foam fingers in her ears so that she wouldn't have to listen to Dipper's argument. But with every fantasy, there needs to be a time where you have to realize that fantasies are just that; a fantasy and nothing else, sure you could go on vacation, you could do everything you wanted, but all you'd do is come back to a reality, and the consequences that are awaiting you. Whether it be for the better or for the worse, that's up to you to decide. So I really liked that this episode addressed that.

And also it addressed that family is important especially someone you've been growing up with your whole life. I mean I don't know much because I've never had family members that were around my age growing up, and whether that's a gift or a curse, I'll let you decide that one. But, I do know growing up with a childhood friend, yeah, it's not as strong as a bond as a relative's bond and yeah, you're gonna grow apart and maybe you'll come back into contact again, once in a blue moon but the connection is still there. And the reason I bring this up is because of the trial scene where, the two 'rad' dudes, do make a good point. That reality can bite, because not everything is going to pan out as you wanted it to and not only because of external reasons that is very obvious and a strong factor that does play a major role, but also because of personal reasons, and maybe choices along the way that aren't going to be the same, or the mindset is not going to be the same. Like it's not easy to see someone you grow up with leave you and I think that's the whole thing it's like an abandonment issue. Now with that said, do I condone Dipper's action? Well maybe and maybe not. Maybe because he, himself realized that he needs other interactions as well and not just be cooped up in the basement with Gruncle Ford,and that he knows that he should be there for his sister whenever he can. And maybe not because, he shouldn't just give up his dream, and that they should learn how to grow as independent people.
So that in itself is a very difficult subject to touch upon, but I don't know I think Dipper knows just as much now that he would not be able to accomplish much without the support of his sister, and that Mabel just as much depends on him to be her rock and her reasoning.

Obviously there needs to be a point where they can't be together forever and does that mean Dipper made the wrong choice? No. And does that make this episode a bad one? No, because I think it's so much stronger when you put Dipper's fantasy in there as well and say, "hey, anyone can and will be tempted to accept fantasy, but there's still a freedom of will". And does this allude and make the Ford and Stan relationship any worse? No, because while it does allude to their relationship and that they could not stay on and chase their dreams together and continue to grow up with each other, I think that Ford blames Stan too much because it was just one simple mistake, and even Ford knows that he could do practically about everything and anything that he wants because he's smart and that he's capable of doing it. So I don't know I think Ford was a little too hurt and they never reconciled while it was not too late. But here, Dipper and Mabel do. Because they do recognize their flaws, and they do recognize that growing up is never easy and that they want to be in each others lives just to push them through. And I guess, they'll probably only grow apart once they have their own families but even then, I'm pretty sure, there will always be something that they could arrange or do too meet again, most probably like all the festive seasons or something, but most definitely something like that.

And hey, again who wouldn't want a fantasy bubble? I'd totally like one, of course mine would be more extreme and probably R rated, but hey, that's just me and my testosterone. But seriously though, it's one of the most emotional Gravity Falls pre-season finale. And I can't wait for the wrap up.
And just a heads up, the review will come after the finale, as a fitting goodbye as we bid our favorite characters, on their journey, a hearty farewell.


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