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So the long awaited [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer has finally been released and all I can say is it just made me disappointed.

What we see from the trailer, let's list down.

Bucky is back!

Okay he is a great hero, we all love him and is also favorite of some of us. It's really good to see him again and not brainwashed!

They are coming for Bucky!

The government still seems to think that Bucky is still brainwashed and is still operating as The Winter Soldier. Tony Stark sided with S.H.I.E.L.D and wants to catch Bucky just as bad as anyone else.

No less of awesome things

One thing I want to state even after not liking the plot of Civil War very much but it will gonna be a great movie as it is just giving us lots of cool and amazing things:

  • Falcon is REALLY awesome!
  • Iron Man and War Machine's suits look fantastic!
  • Black Panther! Great job Marvel
  • No Spider-Man! Thanks Marvel
  • Awesome fight sequence between Iron Man, Cap and Bucky.

Okay one can say that, trailer was awesome but is the plot was? According to me it was not. I seriously don't think that Bucky is the guy after which everybody is fighting for. I don't think he is so much important that Marvel should cast a full movie regarding him.

It would be more awesome if Civil War had anything to do with or related to [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027).


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