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The founder and frontman of the American rock band Breaking Benjamin has given his review of EA's Star Wars: Battlefront, and it's neither positive nor clean:

It fucking sucks. The gameplay sucks. You get shot out of nowhere, enemies spawn behind you, in front of you...who wants that? Does that sound like fun to anybody?!
There's no reward system, there are just tokens you pick up so it doesn't matter your skill level. The hit detection is horrible. The hero/villain gameplay sucks because you'll be sitting there doing really well and all of a sudden Darth Vader runs at you and kills you -- it's just not fun!

Watch Benjamin Burnley give his brutally honest appraisal below:

Funnily enough, EA tried to enlist the musician as an 'influencer' for marketing purposes, though they couldn't have picked a worse candidate.

Burnley took to Instagram to expose the company after they tried to pay him to promote Battlefront. Instead, he defaced the disc:

Other celebrities, including basketball player Dwight Howard and pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, did endorse the game via social media:

Be careful who you hire as a mouthpiece EA. Some celebs can't be bought!

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