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The amazing [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer was released 2 days ago, and as I said, it was worth the wait. But obviously some people were disappointed that this or that was not there or that this or that wasn't shown.

So here are all hits and misses of the newly released trailer (hopefully more hits than misses!)

HIT: falcon!

birds? birds. birds!
birds? birds. birds!

Falcon is obviously a big part of cap's new life, so the showcase of this character was amazing. He turned out to be a total badass and it looks like he is going to play a major roll in the film.

HIT: winter soldier (Bucky)

With the trailer basically showing that the fight actually be about Bucky but anything, Marvel showed an amazingly amazing display of Barnes in action, and I just cant wait to see him on screen.

MISS: iron man

We all love Robert jr. as Iron Man, but in my opinion, he barley is showing anything good in this trailer. Except for one funny line, a cool battle scene and a cry face, Iron Man is pretty forgettable in this trailer. it is a Cap movie tho...

HIT: black panther

This moment alone just made me fan boy for 10 minutes and freak my mom out. his suit just looks so fitting and his fight scenes look as good. the chase scene looks fly, and I have a good feeling about this character. PLEASE DON'T MESS HIM UP!

MISS: ant man

He just wasn't there.

HIT: scarlet witch

Even in her 2 second showing in the trailer we already discovered tones of info on this new avenger. She is on cap's team, and it looks like she has a set of new powers and a new outfit. So she does look cool.

HIT: black widow

She was in the trailer a lot, and she had a good vibe. She wasn't shown fighting as much, but her seriousness was cool. Good job Marvel.

MISS: spider man

He wasn't there even thought the entire world was waiting for it. Badly played Marvel.

this is for you marvel!
this is for you marvel!

HIT: the battles!

All the fights in this trailer were on point. cap vs panther, Bucky vs Panther, Cap and Bucky vs Tony, and the list goes on!

As I said in this tiny article, the trailer was boss! What do you think about it?


what side are you on after the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR trailer?


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