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In the Captain America Civil War trailer we see many different things, however the trailer seems to primarily focus on, The Winter Soldier. So what's Civil War really about?

In the comics, Civil War is the fight between two sides, side 1: Infavor of the registration act, side 2: Against the registration act.

This registration act basically says that all superheroes must reveal their identities. In the movie the registation act is called the "Sakovia Accords." Also if rumors are to be true then the registration act is created, because Crossbones (played by Frank Gorillo) sets off a bomb that kills thousands. This causes the government to panic and create the registation act. Now Kevin Feige has released the statement that Black Panther is on neither side and has his own agenda. It's believed that the Winter Soldier assassinated Black Panthers father T'Chaka, so Black Panther could just be on a revenge vendetta.

Spider-Man does have action scenes in this movie but for the most part he will play a small role. How do you know he has action scenes? Because of the report about 3 weeks ago that he injured himself on set, I may be wrong but I believe most people don't injure themselves filming cameos.

Now I don't know why the trailer makes it seem like the Winter Soldier is the cause of the Sakovia Accords, but for the most part the battle will be over wether or not to sign the Accords. also suggested that Ms Marvel could be in this movie due to the fact that she can be seen in the Marvel flip book intro.

It should also be stated that most of the character rights are owned by other companies and the movie is called Captain America Civil War, so do not expect a exact comic to movie story, this is the marvel cinematic spin on the story, and because it's a Captain America film, do expect to see more Captain America than other characters like Iron Man.


This is the first trailer so do not judge the entire movie based on what you saw here we did not see a lot, especially since we were missing Ant-Man, Vision, and Spider-Man

Sound off in the comics about what you think is happening with the civil war movie. Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?


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