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The eagerly awaited new DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront 'Battle of Jakku' is almost upon us, and is shaping up to bring something completely new to a currently fairly lacklustre tray of goods.

Set 30 years before the events of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, 'Battle of Jakku' will introduce a whole new game mode called Turning Point, which comes complete with a bunch of tension building quirks.

The 20v20 battle will be a race against a timer for the Rebellion as they attempt to capture 3 bases from the rampaging Empire. Once the initial bases are captured, subsequent bases will be opened up until the heroes are close enough to destroy the Empire's main and final base. Time is accrued every time the Rebels capture a base.

However, if you're playing as the dastardly Empire, deciding which bases are more important to protect will become a decisive factor in whether victory will be yours that round. The Empire will have to split up in order to protect their bases, but move quickly because even though you may be successful in pushing the Rebels back, their capture percentage will not decrease.

Airspeeders, AT-ATs and AT-STs will be providing vehicular funs on Jakku, whilst the unplayable Imperial Star Destroyer 'Inflictor' will be hurtling down to the surface in the background.

It all sounds very epic, and it'll be a welcome addition to the game. The free DLC releases on Dec. 1st for those who pre-ordered, and on Dec. 8th for all other humans.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

(Source: Eurogamer)


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