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Ok I have a theory what might happen in the later episodes of CBS’ Supergirl TV show

The Death Of Superman and The Rise of Superboy

My Theory is:

Superman dies, from a fight with doomsday that the audience doesn’t see (they could change this to someone else, maybe Kara’s aunt or Non? it obviously needs to be someone strong enough to beat superman to death)but we hear about it from the news and in a world without Superman to defend it, Kara has to step up. Maxwell Lord however distrustful of Kara, decides to clone Superman.(Max filling in the Lex Luthor role, as that seems to be what they’re pitching him as on the show, Supergirl’s Lex Luthor) Superboy is born but is Half-Kryptonian ,Half-Human. Then the usual Super-hero shenanigans happens, Supergirl and Superboy fight at first but then they team up to face the villain of this arc.

Hank Henshaw could also become Cyborg Superman at this time? (we can assume the Death Of Superman hasn't happened yet in the CBS continuity due to Hank doesn't look like Clark yet)

a few things have made me think of this

1) they’ve announced they’re casting a ‘Young/Teenage’ Superman on the show, now many people think this means we’ll see Clark meeting the Danver’s family, why can’t this be Conner Kent/Kon-El? he’s Superman’s clone, so he would look like a teenage Clark Kent.

2)This is a stretch BUT during a live chat; Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell and David Rappaport let slip there was a new show in development, after Robbie whispered into Stephen’s ear what the show was, Stephen replied ‘that’s SUPER’ but probably clutching at straws there.

3)There has been some lines in the show that could foreshadow this, for example Jimmy saying to Kara ‘You’re fit to fill Superman’s boots’ etc

or i’m wrong


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