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Daredevils first season was a HIT, that's a understatement. But anyways we already have Elektra and Punisher confirmed for Season 2, so what can we expect to see?

Punisher and Daredevil Fight

I'm almost certain that at some point in Season 2 we will see a fight between Punisher and Daredevil. With Daredevils no kill rule and Punishers shoot first ask questions later we are bound to see these two collide, and I can't wait!

Elektra/Daredevil Romance

Many fans are waiting for a Matt Murdock/Karen Page relationship. Sorry to disappoint but it would appear that Elektra will be stealing young Murdocks attention.

Daredevil and Elektra are a item in the comics and will most likely be in the show, I'm hoping for a Daredevil/ Elektra fight though. An in costume fight of course (I'm looking at you Ben Aflleck).

Civil War Affecting The Show

Judging by the Civil War trailer, and the fact the registaration act is called the Sakovia Accords. I'm guessing the name change is because the "Accords" are only going to be for the Avengers, so I think that it will have no affect on other superheroes outside of the Avengers. Very clever Russo Brothers...

Kingpins Return

Judging by the fact that Kingpin is still alive and in jail I believe that he's not done yet in the netflix MCU. He could possibly breakout this season or we could see Kingpin in jail and how he interacts with others in prison.

New Costume

Daredevil maintained his Frank Miller all black costume until the end of season 1, it wasn't until the final episode that daredevil gets his red costume. This costume is created as "body armor" to help protect Daredevil more from beatings. Not everyone was a fan of this costume, so if I was to make a educated guess I would say that marvel is going to make him a brand new more comic booky costume.


Everyone was expecting Daredevil to appear in Jessica Jones, however we had to settle for Night Nurse Claire. Two potential crossover teaser have shown up on Daredevil and Jessica Jones's accounts. The first was released by Daredevil with the caption

"Theres a new Watering hole in town"

the video showed Josie's bar from season 1 and then a glowing yellow (Easter egg for Luke's yellow shirt in the comics) sign that read: Luke's

the second teaser is of a bar counter, you see Jessica Jones take a shot and then and Business card in her hands reading: Nelson and Murdock!

What else do you expect or want to happen in Daredevil season 2? Did I miss anything?


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