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The folks at UK Feather Flags are big fans of the TV show The Big Bang Theory and in particular Sheldon Cooper so they have put together this blog post showing all of the episodes of his video podcast Fun With Flags. Guests on Fun with Flags have included Amy, who initially co-hosted the vodcast with Sheldon and later directed it, Penny, Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton and Barry Kripke.

I hope that you enjoy this collection of Fun With Flags videos and please share with your friends on social media.

First Vodcast:

In this first one taken from the Beta Test Initiation (Season 5, Episode 14) Sheldon and Amy, introduce us to vexillology and tell us a bit about Oregon’s state flag.

Second Vodcast:

The second vodcast also taken also taken from the Beta Test Initiation (Season 5, Episode 14) featured the flag for the German region of Bavaria and saw Amy dress up as a giant pretzel.

Third Vodcast:

Wil Wheaton guest starred in this Star Trek-themed episode of Fun with Flags in The Habitation Configuration (Season 6, Episode 7), but he walked out after director Amy insulted him.

Fourth Vodcast:

In the fourth podcast, also taken from The Habitation Configuration (Season 6, Episode 7), LeVar Burton replaces Wil Wheaton in attempting to teach us about flags in Star Trek.

Fifth Vodcast:

In the fifth video, from the Monster Isolation (Season 6, Episode 17), Penny teaches Sheldon about acting and body language and they talk about Nebraska’s state flag.

Sixth Vodcast:

In this 1st part of the final ever episode taken from The Champagne Reflection (Season 8, Episode 10) Sheldon and Amy take a look at previous shows including one about Australia, one featuring Barry Kripke in a fwag or not a fwag quiz, one with Sheldon dressed up as Betsy Ross and one with Sheldon and Amy dressed in 1890's attire.

Seventh Vodcast:

In the 2nd part of the final episode Sheldon thanks Amy, says goodbye and cries. Later on in this video after one person leaves a comment, Sheldon decides to revive the Fun with Flags series.

Eighth Vodcast:

Following his break-up with Amy, in The Separation Oscillation (Season 9, Episode 2) Sheldon recorded a special episode of Fun with Flags about countries which split up. Sheldon talked about the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Romania and Moldova in the episode.


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