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There's been so many guesses as to who Starlord's dad really is, so I'm here to narrow down the guesses to a few potential right ones. First off, the rumor of Thanos being Starlords dad is preposterous, that would imply that Thanos was on earth at some point and decided to hook up with Quills mom. Also Thanos doesn't look angelic.

Second off, Jason Sparax (who is from the comics) can't be his dad in the movies because director James Gunn already said no to that. Thirdly, Nova is not his dad because when the DNA test came back it was inconclusive, whilst if Nova was his dad then Nova Corps would've know.

The Collector also isn't his dad, or else we would've seen some reaction from him. So here's what we know: Starlords dad is 'angelic', part of an ancient race, and kind of an a**hole. So here's my list of who I think Starlords dad could be...


Starhawk is who I think Starlord's dad is. James Gunn has stated that Starhawk is his favorite marvel character. He is part of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, just like Yondu, so it would make sense for them to meet in the movies somehow. He's rumored to appear in GOTG 2. Starhawk hasn't been mentioned or anything so he could be considered an ancient species. He also looks angelic with his golden wings.

Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock has magical powers that could seem angelic, and is confirmed to appear in GOTG 2. He can also be seen in his callin in the first GOTG. I'm guessing that he is a rare ancient species.

These are my best guesses for who Starlord's dad is, who do you think it could be?


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