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So what is Thanos plotting in the MCU? There have been hints through out the franchise. I'm going to analyze the clues and try to piece them together.

First clue: Avengers mid credit scene

So in the first Avengers movie at the end in the mid credit scene we see the other talking to Thanos about earth and its inhabitants, speaking the words: "Humans... They are not the cowering wretches we were promised. They stand. They are unruly, and therefore cannot be ruled. To challenge them is to court death." Thanos follows that up by smiling pleasently as if he wants to court death, this is exactly thanos' plot in the comics which means that they are in fact using the same purpose that make Thanos ... well mad. but most of us already knew that. so lets skip forward one year shall we.

Second clue: Thor The Dark World mid credits scene

in the mid credit scene of Thor The Dark World we see the Aether or the reality gem, was last seen given to collector. The reason for this is because the asgardians could not have the Aether and the Teseract in the same realm or the results may be catastrophic. But what the asgardians didnt know is that the collector was working for Thanos. at the end of the credit scene when the asgardians leave the room you see and hear the collector utter the words "one down, five to go." so what i think is the collector is trying to get the infinity stones for Thanos and in return he may be promised salvation.

Third clue: Guardians Of The Galaxy

Now in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie there was a few references to Thanos and the first time we get a good look at him on screen. We know from the movie that Ronan was trying to get the Orb or Power stone for Thanos. So with Ronan, The Collector and Loki working for Thanos to try and get the infinity stones for him we can assume that there are more people working for him.

Fourth clue: Age Of Ultron mid credit scene

In the mid credit scene for Avengers Age Of Ultron we can see Thanos putting on the Infinity Gauntlet and saying "fine i'll do it myself" but why. well i think Thanos may have been behind Ultron all along, because Ultron was created from the mind gem maybe Thanos had something to do with his malfunction, beace the vision didn't so why did Ultron. Its because Ultron is another one of Thanos' "puppets" so i guess Ultron really did have strings, metaphorically speaking.

So these are all the clue that i found leading towards Thanos' plot. i will be making another article similar to this one either today or tomorrow titled infinity gems roll call. in it i will explain Thanos' plot that i think would work and also somethings that i would love to have in infinity war.


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