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Lots of theories have been going round about the identities of heroes and villains. In my eyes I don't see why. Most of these theories have been based on little details from month old pictures. So, anyway, I thought 'hey! Let's show the dozen or so people that look at my page what the identities of certain characters are from DC (pretty much just the Joker). So...yeah!

The Joker.

So, the Clown prince of crime is due to appear in next year's 'Suicide Squad' film. Personally, I'm exited to get a crazed lunatic joker, as the last few have been crime bosses, masterminds and pranksters. Lots of people think Joker is Jason Todd. To those people, I ask:

Why? Why say this when it is obviously not him.

For starters, this joker is younger, crazier and has a lack of eyebrows, compared to the others. If Joker were to be Todd, how old would batman be? This Joker is 39? 40? This would make Batman at least 60, when Zak Snyder said the Batman in the 'DCCU' was the age of the DKR batman: 45-55.Don't believe me? Read the book.

also, Todd hated the Joker! The guy killed him for crying out loud! If Todd was The Joker, Batman would be attacked... A lot because the so called 'Todd Joker' would not be like his comic counterpart: the Red Hood. Red hood is cunning, smart and A GOOD GUY! If he was like the joker, he wouldn't think twice about revealing Batmans identity to the world!

Also, why would Todd become the joker in the first place? Yes, the Robin suit in the Batman vs Superman trailer said 'Jokes on You Bats!!!!' But why 'Bats'? Wouldn't it be Bruce? The joker is referring to robin being killed and robin being a younger batman in so many ways is kinda a joke if he's dead (I'm basing this on that Joker has a sick sense of humour). This also ties into the Deathstroke being a fake Bruce Wayne theory. It's a weird speculation.

What do you think? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

If you don't, I won't kill you...

I'll just hurt y'all... Really, really bad...


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