ByManuel García de Paredes, writer at

There has been a lot of wondering ever since the first trailer came along of how good is BvS going to be. While there are the usual red flags for this project to fail (people doubting Batfleck, people that didn't like Man of Steel, people saying Gal Gadot doesn't look much like Wonder Woman), there is a very important reason for me to think this movie is going to be very good.

The main reason I see for this movie to succeed is that the whole DCEU depends on this project. Like it happened back in the day with Batman and Robin (Batnipples), if this movie were to be a big disappointment, the whole Universe will fall behind it before it even starts.

So even if you are one of those that think any of the red flag reasons for the movie to be a disaster are true, you must trust DC. If you think about it they did save Batman with the Nolan Trilogy and they really want to rival Marvel in the Cinematic Universe.


So do you think is going to be good or bad?


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