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The trailer for Captain America: Civil War came out and everyone went nuts! I was one of them and proud to admit it. I should have recorded myself watching it but I was too into the moment of simply watching and then watching again and again a few (or hundred) more times! Yes to everything I saw! YES! Now on to examining Black Panther's suit!


The suit looks GREAT!!! The detail is awesome and looks close to this picture here (minus the fancy collar action):

Did you see the detail on the arm?? And the mask? Wow... Hail, T'Challa! But here's the question that may determine what type of suit the man dons!

In [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), is T'Challa currently the King of Wakanda or is he a student in America?

This is an excellent question for two reasons:

1. If he IS the King, meaning, Claw has already killed his father T'Chaka, then he has a layer of vibranium built into his suit which is standard for anyone who is the Black Panther... and so yeah he can take a hit! But-

2. If he's just a student in America (which he was according to the comic books) during this particular movie then it's a possibility his suit doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but don't doubt his hand to hand combat skills which was ingrained in him from birth!

Moment of randomness!

And completely random here, but doesn't it look like the Black Panther is fighting against Captain America??? What happened in the first place to get the Black Panther from Wakanda to America? Did he follow Claw to the States? What happened for the Black Panther and Captain America to be on opposite sides? So many blanks that need filling!! The AGONY!!!

Tell me your theories on the how and why the Black Panther is the States bellow in the comments!

Part 2: The Panther and the Bat

I know you're probably thinking:

There is no way on Robin's cape that the Black Panther and Batman are anywhere near the same!

But... allow me to show you some similarities my dear friend:

1. Both are insanely rich!

2. Both lost a parent/parents by the act of murder.

2a. And both have become the heroes they are because of their parent's death.

2b. And both are looking for the person/persons responsible for their parent's death.

3. Both men are of the genius species. If you think you've outsmarted them in three steps, they've outsmarted you in at least fifty steps minimum. MINIMUM!

4. Both are men of gadgets. Come on, utility belt!

5. Both have a knack for technology.

6. Both have a unlimited amount of resources and sources to take down any foe.

7. Both men are experts in hand to hand combat, hands down!

Basically, T'Challa is an emotionally stable Bruce Wayne. Not bad, eh?

Speaking of combat...


Shall we battle??? Black Panther vs. Batman?? Who would win??


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