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If you've been watching this season of The Mindy Project, you may have noticed some trouble in the Castellano paradise. Danny has been acting bitter and possessive and seems determined to turn Mindy into a stay at home mom regardless of her wishes. It's gotten to the point that even Pete, the person who never seems to have his life together, thinks that Danny and Mindy have a bad relationship.

While the season has been successful in subtly addressing topics like reproductive health and vaccination, it's been a little confusing on where the show is taking its main characters. To make matters worse, the last episode seems not only disrespectful to Mindy as a character, but also to her family. Mindy isn't allowed to plan her own wedding, but has to abide by everything Annette says (in order to make her feel comfortable and happy) rather than focusing on her dream wedding (which she has been planning since childhood).

Mindy's family has been treated as second class citizens, again to make Annette feel more comfortable. Everything this season has revolved around what Danny and his mother want while Mindy had to put her career on hold. Mindy agreed to leave her job, raise her son Catholic, and let Annette plan the most important day in her life. All while Mindy gets scrutinized for wanting to keep working. Danny makes her feel guilty and attempts to shackle her into an old school marriage where she just keeps popping out babies and has a fertility clinic as a "hobby", not a career.

What happened to the grumpy man turned romantic by an eccentric woman with a Micky Mouse voice? What happened to their beautiful relationship? And since when did it become about what Danny wanted? In every fight Mindy is the one pouting while Danny puts in the last word, criticizes and leaves. This is not how I expected this relationship to turn out. They seem to be pulling away from each other and even though Mindy keeps saying that she doesn't know if she wants the family life Danny envisioned for them, it's clear she's not fully behind on all of his plans.

Their special bond has been smushed under Danny's insecurities. But there's still time, please bring them back!

What do you think about Mindy and Danny?


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