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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you all had as good of a dinner as I did! Now today I was going to do a double feature of this movie and Creed, but nobody I was with wanted to watch a second movie so I guess I'll see it and put up my review for it tomorrow! Anyways, on with the review of The Good Dinosaur! Was it as good as Inside Out? Was it better? Let's find out!

Good: First off, I think that this film is the most beautiful-looking film that Pixar has put out! There was so much stuff in this film that I thought was real! Now people are complaining that the story to this movie wasn't all that good, but I thought it was great! Now I've been thinking of how this movie compares to Inside Out, and I gotta be honest, I think I liked this one more! I was thinking about the times I cried in those movies, and yes I did cry in this one, twice; and I realized that the time I cried in Inside Out wasn't really for a reason, but in this movie I cried for a reason, they were tears of sadness and tears of joy, personally, I was more emotionally invested in this movie than Inside Out. Now another thing I really liked was the characters especially the main two. I adored the relationship between Arlo and Spot, it was such a true Boy and His Dog story which I'm a sucker for because I have a dog. Another thing I liked was that the T-Rexes in this movie weren't bad guys, which was often because you don't see a T-Rex as a good guy that often! The last thing that I loved about this movie that it was kind of a western feel to it which was awesome.

Bad: Now I didn't have too many complaints with this movie. I guess you could say that there was some characters in this movie that felt unnecessary, like that they didn't factor too much into the story. I also watched Chris Stuckmann's review of this movie before I saw it and I got to agree with him on the point that the dinosaurs did look cartoony and points and I think it would've really helped the dramatic tension and the photo-realistic backgrounds in the movie, I still really like the designs of the characters, it's just they didn't really fit in the story that was being told.

Overall, I gotta say that this movie is up there with Wall E and Monsters Inc for me as one of my favorite Pixar films, so I'm going to give it a 9/10! I can understand if people find it disappointing, but I went into this movie with little knowledge and I was blown away with it! If you guys want to go see a good movie with the family this weekend, go check out this film!


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