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I couldn't start this post without first admitting that the first live action
Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Evolution, was a complete disappointment. Just to get that out of the way you don't even have to choice one part of the movie because it was "Disappointing" to be fair, "Sh***y" to be realistic.

After that abomination as some would call it...I thought maybe there was no hope and the cartoons that we all know and love may be the best we can ever ask for...Then the fan based movie DBZ the Fall of Men dropped which is based on Trunks in the future listening to a pretty deep message from his dad/ Vegeta that is safe to say had been killed by Cell along with most of the DBZ fighters...

One of the things that caught my interest was how close the video was to the storyline that we as fans grown to know. Goku died of a heart condition before Cell was born which left the rest of our heros to try to fight off the Evil Cell who's only goal was world destruction. But, the fan made film actually gave us a glimpse into the world Cell destroyed where the planet Earth is all but destroyed and the fate of mankind was left with one last hope!

With alot of trail and era and what i wil call an unfortunate defeat (for people who haven't watched the video Boma managed to create a time machine to send Trunks back in time to warn Goku of his pending demise and warn the others of the threat that will soon be created.

If it sounds familiar its probably because it is as close to the Cell games plot line as any movie could be especially one created by fans so I leave you with one question...

When are we going to see Goku, the real Goku, hell super sayian Goku, the one we would all pay to see and not just that but a movie good enough to have us back in our childhood bedrooms trying to go Super Sayian...

And if it happened which storyline do you think would be the best to begin a DBZ live action franchise that we would be proud to show our kids because im embarrassed about the other.


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