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DC continues to build its small-screen presence with Legends of Tomorrow, the third in the collection of connected shows which currently includes Arrow and The Flash. Legends will be collecting various superheroes from the Flarrowverse for a new team up, including Atom, White Canary, and Firestorm.

However, it seems like this isn't going to be the only expansion of the DC TV-verse in the near future, as new rumors suggest that some previously unconnected characters will also be joining the CW party.

'Supergirl' to Crossover With 'The Flash'

The latest addition to the world of small-screen superheroes, Supergirl may have a home on CBS, rather than the CW, but according to Bleeding Cool, she'll be joining The Flash for a special guest appearance in May.

At the moment, the show is scheduled to run for 13 episodes, but if CBS decides to take up the option for a "back nine," the first season could run for a full 22. If this is the case (which is definitely a possibility, given the generally positive response to the series, and the popularity of superhero shows in general), Bleeding Cool's source claims that CBS will aim for a crossover to give Supergirl a ratings boost by May sweeps week.

That Batman Easter Egg in The Flash
That Batman Easter Egg in The Flash

CBS co-owns The CW, so it would be easy to connect the two from a rights perspective, but what would that mean for the shows themselves? While it would be simple enough for Kara to visit Barry, Flarrow has generally ignored the possible existence of other superheroes. The odd Easter Egg for Batman and Green Lantern have appeared in the series, but no mention has been made of Superman. In Supergirl, however, Superman is a very large presence in the world. How would the writers cope with this disparity in a crossover event? Have Flash and Green Arrow simply been ignoring Superman for all these years?

Constantine to Join 'Legends of Tomorrow'

The same source also told Bleeding Cool that Constantine may have found a more permanent home on the CW after his guest appearance on Arrow this season.

According to the rumors, Constantine will become a series regular for Legends of Tomorrow's second season, and the show will be based on a Justice League Unlimited format where the major players change each year. Presumably, if he becomes a regular team member for Season 2, we can also count on some guest appearances in the upcoming first season as well.

This is huge news for Constantine fans who created the campaign when the show was cancelled after only a few episodes on NBC. It was briefly rumored that SyFy might be taking on the show, but when those rumors were quashed, an Arrow cameo gave fans new hope that the CW could pick it up. Now it seems that Matt Ryan's brief appearance on Arrow may have been enough to convince network execs to give the character a second chance as part of the Legends cast.

Future of the Flarrowverse

It seems that the huge success of Arrow and The Flash is bringing other characters into orbit, and if Legends of Tomorrow is equally popular and Supergirl becomes connected, this could mark the beginning of a truly connected DC TV-Verse (with the obvious exception of Gotham, which exists in an entirely different universe).

Add to these rumors the vast number of Green Lantern Easter Eggs in the existing shows, and it really is beginning to look like the CW will be the home of a full roster of Justice League heroes – I can't wait!

Legends of Tomorrow comes to the CW January 21st, 2016


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