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Batman is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in all of comic book history. He usually gains a high following in all different types of media such as films, video games, merchandise, television shows, and of course comics. He is not only one of the most popular superheroes ever, but is also one of the most skilled superheroes to ever be conceived on pen and paper. Although, Batman is a human being, some of the things he has done in the comics can be considered "superhuman" as his skill level and dedication are absolutely astronomical. Here's ten of the most amazing feats Batman has ever accomplished. Oh, and one more thing, THIS IS NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER OKAY? So please don't crucify in the comments about my listing.

10. Surviving in the vacuum of space for 24 seconds (JLA: Welcome To The Working Week)

You heard right. Batman, for a "training exercise", decides to see how long he could hold his breath in the vacuum of space. Crazy right? He ended up holding his breath for a total of 24 seconds and was even willing to go a little bit further until Martian Manhunter decided it was best to end the exercise out of concern. And they say Batman not crazy.

9. Broken free from his own grave (Batman #681)

He looks like a demon doesn't he? Yes, Batman has broken out of his own grave before, but not on his terms... surprisingly. Batman was buried alive with 600 pounds of dirt on top of him and was put inside a straitjacket, for good measure I guess. Wanna know how he got out? He had to free himself from the straitjacket (Which is incredibly hard... trust me) and had to literally bench press his coffin lid through 600 pounds of dirt to literally break out of his grave. All this while being not well rested, subjected to various drugs, and being induced by Joker's new toxin. Yeah, this man isn't human.

8. Willingly buries himself alive in the Earth(Batman: City of Light)

Here is the incriminating evidence of why many people consider Batman to be a psychopath. Batman this time buries himself alive through the many depths of our beloved Earth to let the "beast within to emerge" as he literally, LITERALLY digs himself out with just his incredible brute strength. Luckily he hasn't released "the beast within" on anybody... yet.

7. Holding a large beam from a collapsed building (Batman Annual #21)

Batman was once able to save a bunch of monks from being killed by holding up a large beam from a collapsing building. To prove his strength, those type of beams usually weigh around 800-1000 lbs or possibly even more. He really didn't want those monks to die.

6. Took down some Justice League members (Batman Confidential #53)

In this scene, Batman moves superhumanly fast and is able to take down various members of the League with quick, swift precision. He used Aquaman has a human shield against Green Lantern's ring blast after it's fired at him, despite his back being turned. Plus, his attention was on both Aquaman and Martian Manhunter at the time. He then decides to take down Green Lantern using his cable line before he got the chance to fire another shot off. The only reason why he stopped was because Martian Manhunter was able to convince him to.

5. Godly Stealth (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare)

Batman is a master of stealth as he able to get past past the tightest security in the world, disappears in plain sight, is one with the shadows, and is able to get past super humans. Well in this comic he able to really show his stealth ability as he able to successfully take out military security for the rest of his fellow Justice Leaguers without being seen and then sneaks up on them without being seen again. He impressed the likes of Superman and Martian Manhunter themselves as they can see and hear things from other continents.

4. White Martians (JLA #3-4)

This is probably the definitive moment of how cool of a character Batman is. A cardinal sin when facing Batman is never, ever underestimate him. Because if you do, you will surely regret it. In this scene the White Martians have decided to invade Earth and, you know, do villain stuff. To tell you how dangerous the White Martians were, they defeated the other members of the Justice League. I guess they thought just because Batman was just some mere mortal that he would be "easy", boy how wrong they were, huh? Batman decided to cleverly lure the aliens into a explosive trap which ultimately destroys them, with only a flick of a match. From the result of this battle, Superman calls Batman "The most dangerous man alive".

3. Outsmarting Darkseid (Superman/Batman #12)

Batman is known for a being a brilliant strategist and tactician and is able to usually outsmart beings far greater than him. One of those beings is named Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips. Darkseid was able to make Supergirl serve under him and as a result Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman traveled to the hellish planet to get her back. While Superman and Wonder Woman were taking care of business elsewhere, Batman confronted the powerful ruler all by himself. Of course, Batman didn't come into this confrontation without leverage. He makes a very good bluff telling Darkseid that if he doesn't release Supergirl, the planet will explode. Darkseid delivers a few good blows to Batman, who is wearing special armor, and tells him to defuse the bombs. Batman of course sells the bluff really, really well and Darkseid gives in to releasing Supergirl from his control. Darkseid was even kind enough to compliment Batman on his willingness to win no matter the cost.

2. Creator of Brother's Eye (OMAC Project #2)

Batman has a brilliant mind and is usually responsible for creating his own tech. He also the certified "techie" of the Justice League usually being the one that provides them with the resources to fight crime. Knowing how paranoid of a person Batman is, he created a machine named Brother's Eye, an advanced satellite that contains information and protocols on every hero and villain of Earth. Of course when the other members of the Justice League found out about it they weren't too happy with what Batman created. Nevertheless, Brother's Eye is a prime example of Batman gifted mind.

1. Defeats The Sensei (Batman #671)

We all know Batman has great willpower. Well that came in handy when Batman fought The Sensei, an expert martial artist who had centuries to perfect his skill, and withstand gruesome punishment from the immortal fighter. Batman fights impressively and manages to outsmart The Sensei. He was able to defeat him by moving out of the way in the nick of time and causing The Sensei to fall off a mountain and burn to his death. That is willpower you just can't buy.

Batman might just be a human being, but time and time again he is able to overcome impossible odds and at the same time doing feats that might be consider not human. Batman might not always win, but he will never give up.

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