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He may be famous for feuding with 50 Cent, but it looks like West Coast hip-hop legend The Game just started some new beef... with Instagram.

It all kicked off when Instagram forcibly censored pics of an NSWF nature posted by Game (birth name Jayceon Terrell Taylor, FYI) last month. Here's the most notorious of the pics in question (purely for educational purposes)...

No caption necessary.

Anyway, Game addressed the situation in a video posted this week, and as you can imagine, he's not entirely pleased that Instagram won't let the world see just how much heat he's packing.

Here's exactly what he has to say about it:

"So word on the street is, Instagram is threatening to ban my account if I don't take the meat print picture down and they want to know how I feel about it..."

How he feels about it is somewhere between pissed and disinterested, if the look on his face is anything to go by. Game then told TMZ that he feels he's the victim of a double standard, with Kim Kardashian allowed to get away with posting NSFW shoots like her infamous internet non-breaker without censorship...

It must be difficult for a male in hip-hop to experience such brazen sexism.

What do you think? Is The Game right to call out Instagram, or is he just using the controversy as promo for his "meat print"?


Too NSFW for the game?


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