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Yesterday many of us across the nation came together with friends, partners, and family to give thank—to overeat, yeah, there was a lot of overeating, don't even try to say you didn't. Although the origins of the holiday (namely the events that took place after the harmonious breaking of the bread) may have been slightly tainted by historical fact, Thanksgiving itself has transformed for many into a time to reflect on what we are most grateful for in our lives.

So as you digest that meal for 5 you somehow managed to cram down your throat yesterday (and start eyeing those leftovers, it's not your fault your stomach has been stretched so wide you're now always hungry), check out what some of our favorite celebs were most grateful for in 2015:

1. Mark Ruffalo keeps it simple. We love this man.

2. Neil Patrick Harris is thankful for food – oh, and friends and family

3. The Rock shared a beautiful story on Instagram. He can do no wrong!

4. Amy Schumer is thankful she got pardoned. And we're thankful someone filmed this.

5. Hugh Jackman sends his greetings and his thanks, awww shucks!

6. Kim (and all of us, really) is thankful for this photo

7. George Takei is thankful for us, yay!

8. Vanessa Hudgens is thankful for everything

9. James Franco is also thankful for us... and looking a little green, too much food?

10. Conan O'Brien sends a cheeky thanks, and we'd expect no less

11. And Ellen sends a heartfelt tweet, then sends us on our way

Personally, I'm thankful for this Louis C.K. clip:


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