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Let's imagine for a second that you're lucky enough to check the banking app on your phone and find a balance of a quarter of a million dollars sitting in your account, just waiting - begging - to be spent.

Do you suit up, head over to your local Lamborghini dealer and splash the cash on a piece of automotive art that will have all of your neighbours' necks twisting in jealousy? Or do you log into eBay and spend precisely $227,552 on a bunch of Air Jordan trainers designed by Eminem?

Lamborghini Huracan: a steal at $240k
Lamborghini Huracan: a steal at $240k

If you chose the second option, congratulations: you may not be able to travel from Manhattan to the Hamptons in one hour flat, but your feet probably look pretty fly.

Now, I consider my sneaker game to be pretty on-point but in my humble opinion, there's nothing particularly special about these Air Jordans, even if they do come with Shady XV branding to celebrate 15 years of Slim's record label.

Here are the shoes in question...

Eminem Air Jordans: a bargain at $30k... right?
Eminem Air Jordans: a bargain at $30k... right?

And here's the backstory: Only 300 pairs of the trainers were produced, and Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg reckons that the 10 pairs sold via the eBay auction are the only ones that will ever be available to the public, hence the sky-high bids they attracted.

The lowest winning bid was $18,750; the highest was $30,100; and altogether the ten pairs sold for a spectacular $227,552. The difference alone between the lowest and highest winning bids - $11,350 if my maths abilities remain in tact - is enough to pay the rent of a lux LA mansion for a month or two.

All of the money raised went to the Community Music School at Michigan State University, so it's great to see Eminem get involved in raising money for projects rooted in the place he was raised.

A history of insane sneaker buys

Don't go thinking this is the first time some rich kid with access to Daddy's credit card has spent the President's annual salary on a pair of shoes.

These UNDFTD x AIR JORDAN 4s marked Air Jordan's first ever collab with another brand, and a mere 79 pairs were produced. When one went up for auction last year it fetched a pretty $15k.

Back in 2011, a charity auction held for the Michael J Fox foundation raised an incredible $6m, and these Air Mags - a replica of those worn in Back to the Future II - sold to British rapper Tinie Tempah for a cool $37,500. Not a bad way to get your name in the press...

The infamous collaboration between Kanye and Nike didn't end well - he now works with Adidas - but legit pairs of the Red October Yeezy 2 command a hefty price tag on eBay. That said, the $17 million one pair went for seems pretty unlikely. That's the equivalent of 68 Lamborghini Huracans, FYI.


What's the most you'd spend on a pair of sneakers?


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