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It's safe to say that Kim Kardashian is a different person to the one she used to be back when she was Paris Hilton's groveling minion and was just known for her notorious leaked sex tape – two things that I'm sure she'd rather forget.

That's why the world always erupts with joy when she posts any kind of throwback photo with a window to her past – and her Thanksgiving offering this year was no exception!

Posting a snap from another era, Kim once again proved that she's no different to us at all. In fact, she also had a penchant for dressing up as one of the Spice Girls in high school.

Boasting that insane hourglass figure that she's known for today, Kimmy K is seen squeezing into the role of Posh, copying that iconic straight bob haircut, duck face pout, and that essential black dress. Here she is doing the perfect reach-out maneuver:

She captioned the image:

I'm so Thankful that me & my friends were the Spice Girls for our high school talent show! The Spice Girls got me through a lot! .

I bet Victoria Beckham loves it! We know that the two divas are already relatively good pals (all thanks to Anna Wintour really!) but if anything, this is sure to solidify that relationship even further.

And with nostalgic throwbacks in mind, here are some other gems that Kim has unleashed unto the world in recent times:

1. That time Khloé took her to a Backstreet Boys concert for her 18th birthday

Loving the 'Hustler' hat Kimmy!

2. That time Kim wanted to remind us how hot she was ten years ago

Apparently, North posted this while playing games on her phone. Sure, Kim we'll believe you.

3. That time she shared this adorable Halloween throwback with Kourtney and her mom

So Cute!

Keep 'em coming Kimmy!



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