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Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director of Fifty Shades of Grey, made 23 of Hollywood's most recognizable male actors weep like babies long before she was a household name and the resulting footage is extremely powerful.

Thankfully, Johnson isn't a rampaging psychopath who gets her kicks from making grown men bawl. Before she became a mainstream director, Johnson (then Wood) was a big name in the contemporary art world and one of her most highly regarded works, simply titled 'Crying Men' features high profile actors doing just that.

Sam Taylor Johnson at the Fifty Shades premiere
Sam Taylor Johnson at the Fifty Shades premiere

The work aims to demystify celebrity status and explore the authenticity of emotion within actors at work (are they 'real' tears? Are they unlocked by revisiting painful memories and putting the star in genuine emotional pain?) In the words of one of the actors who took park that preferred not to be named:

"Someone says we're all really good liars, but I feel that my job is to tell the truth and my emotions are quite close to the surface, so I can access them really quickly."

There is no denying that you can feel the emotion sizzling below the stills of professionals asked to undergo the very unusual request of sitting in specified location, alone and making themselves cry without context and below are some of the men who took part.

1. Robin Williams

2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman

3. Ben Stiller

4. Laurence Fishburne

5. Michael Gambon

6. Hayden Christensen

6. Daniel Craig

7. Ed Harris

8. Dustin Hoffman

9. Sean Penn

10. Michael Madsen

11. Forest Whitaker

12. Gabriel Byrne

13. Benicio del Toro

14. Jude Law

15. Paul Newman

16. Willem Dafoe

17. Ray Winstone

18. Chiwetel Ejiofor

To see the rest of the project, visit Sam Taylor-Johnson's website here.

(Source: Sam Taylor Johnson and The Guardian)


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