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By now you must have seen the trailer for Captain America: Civil War enough times that you've learned all the lines by heart and cry every time Iron Man says "So was I." (If you haven't, what is wrong with you?) It's a truly action-packed trailer and it really makes us wish May were closer.

The two directing brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have gifted us all with some comments about the trailer in an article over at Empire Online. There is one scene in particular that seems to be of more importance than we first assumed, the scene where Steve is trying as hard as he can to keep a helicopter from taking off.

“He’s hanging onto that helicopter for an extremely passionate reason. In stories you’ll read where a mother will lift a car off a child. There’s something very important happening in that scene and for us it really represented his struggle as a character, one man pitted against a helicopter that’s trying to take off. Can he stop it? And what are the limits of his strength? For us, it’s one of the most powerful shots in the movie and it’s Chris Evans, who works very hard to physically exemplify this character. On set, we had him straining against a crane holding this helicopter, and you have this fantastic shot of his muscles bulging and you can feel the pain and the energy and the determination as he tries to stop this thing.”

An extremely passionate reason you say? If there's one person Steve is passionate about it's definitely Bucky. Does this mean Bucky is in that helicopter? Is he alone or with someone else? Is someone trying to kidnap him or he is going willingly? Does Bucky have nothing to do with this helicopter? Maybe it's not even a person in there, but a thing or a concept. Can Freedom fly a helicopter? I have so many questions and not nearly enough answers!

Earlier in the trailer we also see a blue helicopter and Steve wearing the same clothes. Could this possibly be the same helicopter? If so, it seems as if Steve's plan worked, the helicopter is on the ground. But there's also a guy shooting at him with a machine gun, so maybe he's not out of the waters just yet.

I guess we will just have to wait until May to see who or what will be in that helicopter, but until then there is nothing wrong with speculating. I recommend watching the trailer one more time with this new information in mind. It definitely makes it even more interesting.

Source: Empire Online


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