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Just days after Neill Blomkamp's vision for Alien 5 was revealed, Ridley Scott has confirmed there will be two additional sequels following Alien: Covenant. The exciting news is that the storyline will, eventually, link up to the original 1979 classic.

As the director who first introduced us to Alien, Scott has some regrets about originally not deciding to follow up and direct its sequels. Prometheus was a result of the 77-year-old's "frustration", and evidently an attempt to reinvent.

Scott on set of Prometheus
Scott on set of Prometheus

Although he didn't give too much away in comments recorded by Hollywood Reporter, it appears he was disappointed with the direction the movies took. He said:

"I was amazed that in the 3 [original Alien sequels] that followed that no-one asked the question "why the Alien, who made it and why?" Very basic questions.
"So I came up with the notion of Prometheus 1, which starts to indicate who might have made it and where it came from."

Alien... Origins

A myriad of Hollywood's finest directed follow-ups to the original Alien; James Cameron (Aliens, 1986), David Fincher (Alien 3, 1992) and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Alien: Resurrection, 1997) all took the mantle before Scott returned to direct prequel Prometheus in 2012 (see the trailer above).

Scott had previously alluded to the fact there could be sequels, and his confirmation could be the final nail in the coffin for Neill Blomkamp's proposed version of the Sci-Fi classic.

Instead, the new direction will gravitate towards 1979 original, with Scott confirming the next three installments will eventually catch up with the original storyline.

Fassbender will return for Covenant
Fassbender will return for Covenant

Pre-production has begun for Covenant, with a release set for 2017. Michael Fassbender will return as David, a synthetic (a.k.a robotic human) who is the sole inhabitant of a dangerous world and survivor of the Prometheus expedition. Noomi Rapace, who played Elizabeth Shaw is also set to return, although she will only appear briefly.

The plot will revolve around the colony ship, Covenant, and the crew on board who discover David's world. As Scott points out, it will also delve into the origins of Xenomorphs, discovering how and why they came to be.

All About the Money

Earlier this week, Michael Biehn, who played Corporal Hicks, spoke of Blomkamp's vision for the movie, which would've ignored Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection and focused on a grown-up Newt. Biehn believed it would revive the franchise, although Scott clearly has different ideas.

Interestingly, Biehn believes money is the "bottom line" when films are taken into consideration. Scott appears to confirm this. Although his earlier skepticism towards sequels prevented him, he said:

"Star Wars will be a juggernaut. Why do you think Iā€™m doing sequels?"

We can only hope this new direction breathes life into the franchise, and by all means it could. However, I can't be the only person who is slightly disappointed this news makes it look like Blomkamp's Alien interpretation will never happen...

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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