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We've all been a little skeptical since hearing there are plans in motion to give us yet another movie in the Men in Black franchise, skepticism which deepened further once we'd been told to not expect Will Smith back at the helm. However, the latest developments surrounding Men in Black 4 have perked our interest somewhat.

What developments are those, you ask? Casting a female lead. As it's been 19 years since the first movie was released, and four since the last, could this be the bold move the franchise needed to turn opinion around?

Producer Laurie McDonald revealed the narrative will feature "a prominent woman in black," while colleague Walter Parkes explained:

"We sort of looked at the first three in retrospect as a bit of a trilogy. We tried to tell a story about those two characters and that relationship, It sounds silly because it’s a fun, science fiction comedy but when you work on these things you sort of try to find some thematic basis underneath it. Now we are looking at a reinvention, but it’s a wonderful world to get back into."

But could this new lead, whoever it may be, return MIB to its glory days? This kind of glory:

Well, maybe they won't need to, as Park hinted in four little words that perhaps Big Will shall return to MIB after all.

"Never count Will out."


As for the female lead, perhaps one of these three ladies will be in the running?

1. Megan Fox

Could Megan be the one to Transform into the next MIB lead?

2. Alexandra Daddario

Her eyes are out of this world...

3. Jada Pinkett Smith

Keep it in the family.

Source: Comic Book Movie


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