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Celebrities, believe it or not, are just like us humans. In fact, it's been alleged they are human too.

If that's the case, it could explain why they do human things, like eat, drink and have sex. Unfortunately, cheating often comes with the territory of having sex, especially when you're a famous celebrity and good looking to boot.

Perhaps because of the close relationship, or maybe because it's the easy option, a number of celebrities have cheated with their child's Nanny (by that I mean professional babysitter).

Here are 5 celebrities who were involved in scandalous adultery:

1. Gavin Rossendale

Former Bush frontman (no pun intended) has now split with pop-singing sensation Gwen Stefani following revelations he cheated on her with nanny Mindy Mann.

Mann, I've got no idea why he decided to do this. It ended 13 years of marriage, and Stefani said the abrupt end was "unexpected".

2. Jude Law

Although the pair are still friends, Jude Law was in the news for all the wrong reasons back in 2005 when he cheated on fellow Hollywood A-Lister Sienna Miller with his ex's Nanny.

The pair tried to make things work after, but unsurprisingly things didn't go to plan.

3. Ben Affleck

The new Batman split with ex Jessica Garner after it was alleged he cheated on her with nanny Christine Ouzounian, bringing to end a ten year marriage.

Let's hope she's now Gone, Girl...

4. David Beckham

Now it feels like butter wouldn't melt, but let's not forget Goldenballs himself famously cheated on Victoria with Rebecca Loos.

It really was a Loos Loos situation.

5. Ethan Hawke

Hawke cheated on his then wife Uma Thurman with babysitter Ryan Shawhughes.

There must've been a spark though, as the couple are still together, and they have a child.

Source: 247 Famous


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