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I've wondered so many times whether I was secretly related to someone really famous but alas, my family's ancestry is as boring as watching paint dry.

The following six celebrities however, have been blessed with some rather fascinating family history, being related to significant historical figures somewhere down the line. Take a look!

1. Tom Hanks

Ancestor: Abraham Lincoln

Before Lincoln's mother married his father, her maiden name was actually Hanks! Tom is also related to Herbert Hoover and King John of England apparently!

2. Robert Pattinson

Ancestor: Vlad the Impaler

Ironically, Twilight heartthrob R Patz is a distant relative of Vlad the Impaler, the 'real' Dracula that inspired Bram Stoker's iconic novel. Perhaps his ancestry gave him some inspiration for his role in the vamp franchise? Here's a clip from the first movie:

3. Clint Eastwood

Ancestor: Henry I of England

As well as Clint, Nancy Reagan, Mike Huckabee, Sigourney Weaver and Bill Gate also share this bloodline connection with English royalty.

4. Sophia Loren

Ancestor: Benito Mussolini

Loren is related to the infamous Italian dictator's son, who married Sophia's sister in 1962.

5. Paris Hilton

Ancestor: Henry II of England

Just like Clint Eastwood, Paris also shares this royal bloodline with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bette Davis and Brad Pitt.

6. Johnny Depp

Ancestor: The Queen

If you didn't think he was badass enough already, now you know that Depp also shares his ancestry with the Queen of England -- the pair are apparently cousins, 20 times removed!



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