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Mark Newton

If your family abides by the usual holiday traditions, I'm sure Thanksgiving saw you and your family sitting around a table, eating gratuitous amounts of food while being re-reminded about why you don't spend much time with your racist uncle.

It seems America's celebrities were pretty much up to the exact same thing, as they flocked to social media to give their slightly more salubrious holiday greetings. Check them out below:

1. The Rock (And His Vicious Guard Dog) Wish Us a Happy Thanksgiving

2. Meanwhile Deadpool apparently had a literal dinner date...

3. Arnie Refused to Take the Day Off and Exercised With Free Giveaway Turkeys

4. While Ellen joined Portia on the Porch

5. Sarah Silverman Asked a Pretty Awkward Question

6. And Amy Schumer Revisited a Piece of Thanksgiving History

7. Robert Downey Jr. Still Has That Civil War Trailer on His Mind

8. While Kim and Kanye Weren't Content to Slip Into a Food Coma in the Living Room

9. Conan Wills a Very Important Role

10. And Nina Dobrev Is Just Plain Crude

11. Oprah Keeps It Lavish

12. And Jessica Chastain Keeps It Patriotic


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