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With the exception of Phase 3 as we only have our first Captain America: Civil War trailer as of right now, here's a look at some of the most classic moments by far in the first two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most of which arguably defined what a universe should be in its parameters. Needless to say I might just miss out on several great moments cause there're just too many but these probably fit in the list one way or another.

30. Jericho missile demonstration.

After being captured as a wanted man, we see a brief narrative structure of Tony Stark's cool life that takes place during the past 36 hours which might just make us forget that he was actually captured in the introduction until it happens again in sequential order. This one scene gave him the depth and definition he required for character development in the first place.

29. Cap knocks down Adolf Hitler.

Nothing's more assuring to the world than proving you've got its back as a superhero who serves at his finest, even if it means having to knock down a fake Hitler to satisfy two kids who have no idea what's going on.


The reason why Marvel Cinematic Universe fights are really awesome is because they are really creative. I believe most people love the Hulk for his enormous abilities and "HULK...SMASH" are pretty much the last words a villain needs to hear before getting taken down with absolute force.

27. Oh...yeah!

A talking raccoon with two awesome words in slow-motion obviously deserves his spotlight on stage.

26. Thor in a hospital.

The creators of Thor probably wanted to humanize him a little bit and this scene implies powerlessness but not pointlessness in the sense that it takes place on the average Earth/ Midgard and not the beautiful Asgard. It shows Thor at his usual brooding self and how the lack of power makes him the better man he never was before.

25. Yinsen's memorable death.

Obadiah Stane couldn't be more pissed after having Tony Stark captured for weapons and other such purposes and witnessing him invent his masterpiece of death IN A CAVE, WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! Sure he had the idea all along but there was this one random guy that saved his life, and his death couldn't be more heart-breaking, it hit me more than the soldier who couldn't receive so much as a single photograph he secretly wanted. Yinsen was a good ally or more likely, a good assistant.

24. Yinsen back in Bern, Switzerland which Tony doesn't remember.

Remember Yinsen saying he once met Stark at a press conference in Bern, Switzerland? I love how Tony doesn't remember as it perfectly fits his character. Even when he narrates the entire thing in Iron Man 3, he probably doesn't remember Yinsen even though we get to see him as he claims he finally met a main called Ho, assuming he doesn't have to remember him, unless he turns out to be a turning point in his life. Interesting easter egg that caught my attention.

23. Black Widow's mask.

This is perhaps the single most dominant Black Widow appearance of all time, though I'd still like to know how she managed to get in position real fast.

22. Thanos tease reference.

The scene that teased several blockbusters since the very first massive encounter back in 2012.

21. Cruise around Stark Tower.

The one scene that headlines the start and the end of the alien invasion. Bonus point, a drink Loki once refused to have.

20. Puny god!

It's the next time Hulk ever really says anything after HULK SMASH if I'm not mistaken. Regardless of that, this scene won everyone's interest in the popular Marvel character and added extra delight.

19. Bucky's apparent death.

The most emotional scene in Captain America: The First Avenger, makes sense that Cap tries to protect him all the way in Civil War!

18. Massive teamwork finish in The Avengers!

Letting Iron Man Vs Thor Vs Captain America aside, this one totally gives its all!

17. Stan Lee cameo in Ant-Man!

Yeah so I had to include one of the most awesome Stan Lee cameos out there and Luis's story was one in which we never even saw him coming, case closed!

16. Loki turns into Captain America!

Chris Evans doing an impression of Tom Hiddleston doing an Impression of Loki doing an impression of Captain America, what could possibly be better?

15. Stand down, Captain Rogers!

It does feel convenient that only one jet was in pursuit to stop Cap but he totally thrashed it and defined what a super-soldier should be.

14. Steve and Natasha's annoying kiss!

One of the rarest kisses that don't seem intentional and portray how other audiences feel about it, spot on!

13. Ant Man Vs Falcon.

Arguably the wildest crossover ever!

12. Shawarma!

This is the one scene where the Avengers first had their get-together and there's so much that's eye-popping about it. Say, Cap not eating at all or the audience wanting some janitor to lift Mjolnir and clean the area underneath it. But Thor had to take Loki back to Asgard, right? Well I'm sure they must have kept him harmless anyway.

11. You need to keep both eyes open!


10. Grenade test in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Not only did this touching scene prove that Steve would be the perfect soldier, but I love how both Steve and Peggy headed the same way!

9. Loki on the throne of Asgard.

The one scene that lifted Thor: The Dark World from okay to pretty good.

8. Hammer lifting competition.

So that's how the Avengers hang out in Avengers tower.

7. Avengers: Age Of Ultron intro.

Another one shot since the first Avengers movie that dominantly gives its all so it pretty much deserves its spotlight!

6. Civil War post credit scene in Ant-Man.

The scene that most people wouldn't know of until the first Civil War trailer popped out, unless they did watch Ant-Man. Regardless of that, this is arguably the best post credit scene since the First Avenger.

5. Thomas the Tank Engine!

Thanos thinks this looks creepy!


If you ask me, this scene is almost too hard to believe. I mean just think it over, Falcon getting all too lucky to somehow take down Rumlow but has to tally run for his life while calling for backup as the helicopter conveniently gets to the rescue and saves his ass before it's too late. What makes it hold together is the fact that he yells out, "Not an option" as he runs all the way. Plus, this was already setup by Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and sets up Civil War where Crossbones would reference the entire building thing, so it does work really well.

3. I am Groot, or We Are Groot, or pretty much anything Groot does.


2. Vision lifts Mjolnir!

No matter what you thought of Age Of Ultron, you might just agree that Vision was a total badass!

1. Howard the FREAKING Duck!

Forget the original, you'll totally love this one!

What's your idea of a top 30 collection of standout moments?


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