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The day we have been waiting for is finally here - someone made a cake version of Ned Stark's dead head.

Novelty cake and airbrush specialist Dawn Butler of Dinkydoodle Designs created the cake for the International Craft and Hobby fair in Birmingham, UK. The gruesome cake impressed the judges and Dawn went home with a gold medal in the carved cake category.

I wonder how Sean Bean feels about being a cake. In the end the cake will be eaten, which means he will once more die. The guy just can't catch a break!

The cake is extremely detailed, and on her Facebook page Dawn reveals she used vermicelli noodles to make the hair. She individually stuck every strand of hair into the cake with a pair of tweezers. That must have taken forever!

No Ned Stark cake is complete without blood!

The skin looks so real, it must feel weird to eat it.

Dawn and Ned sharing a moment.

Complete with the Stark words.

And of course a Direwolf, the Stark family's House sigil.

The cake is very well crafted, so it's no surprise that Dawn won the gold medal with it. If you want to check out more of her work I suggest heading over to her Facebook page, it's full of goodies. If you're in the mood for less cake and more emotional turmoil here's a clip of Eddard Stark losing his head. I know, it's heartbreaking to watch. Which is why I've included the clip of Joffrey's death scene as well, just to balance things out.

Source: Dinkydoodle Designs


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