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Blue Bunni Cosplay has put out some awesome Dinsney-inspired swimwear in the past, but now they've only gone and upped their game with these utterly adorable Pokemon numbers. They're not yet made, but you can take a look at the designs below:

Sight For Bulba-sore Eyes

Pikachoose you

Voluptuous Vapereon


Due to the overwhelming demand for these, I am currently looking for a seamstress / manufacturer who can bring these to life this so I can sell them. As soon as I have all my ducks in a row I will make an announcement.

In the meantime if any cosplayers want to make these for yourself, go right ahead. I just ask that you please give credit back to my page and share any photos of your final results so I can see!! Also, please do not commission or resell these.

PS – Some folks have wondered why the plus size models have more skin covered, and I just wanted to say that being a fluffy gal myself, I drew these as something I’d wear personally and I prefer more skin covered. It doesn’t matter which suit is on what model – it really all comes down to what your personal preference is regardless of what your body is shaped like. Once I get around to producing these, I will have both looks available in all sizes.

Browse the store HERE.


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