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Caitlyn Jenner has been on the receiving end of some tough talk lately. First actress and director Rose McGowan delivered some harsh words in regards to her acceptance speech at the Glamour Awards, then the husband of a former "Woman of the Year" winner returned his deceased wife's award in outrage over Jenner being honored, and now actress Bette Midler has thrown some serious shade at the reality TV star, this time over her "uninformed" political affiliations.

Recently Jenner declared to the LA Times, that it was her intention to vote Republican in the upcoming Presidential election, despite the GOP's rather conservative views on LGBT rights. In response to this, Midler tweeted:

Midler isn't one known for keeping her views to herself, recently tweeting about Bobby Jindal ending his candidacy for the Republican nomination:

And also taking a stab at Trump voters:

Though her tweets don't just end at politics, with the 69-year-old also tweeting about Charlie Sheen's recently HIV revelation:

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