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Fantine starts to spasm. She sees something over Valjean's shoulder. Valjean doesn't realise. Her eyes go glassy as she passes away. Valjean then hears the unforgettable voice of Javert behind him.


Valjean, at last. We see each other plain! `M'sieur le Mayor' You'll wear a different chain!

Valjean stands to face Javert.


Before you say another word, Javert, Before you chain me up like a slave again, Listen to me! There is something I must do. This woman leaves behind a suffering child. There is none but me who can intercede - In mercy's name, three days are all I need, Then I'll return, I pledge my word! Then I'll return...

Javert draws his sword and aims it at Valjean.


You must think me mad! I've hunted you across the years. Men like you can never change - A man such as you!

Valjean breaks a section of timber beam from the roof.


Believe of me what you will. There is a duty that I'm sworn to do. You know nothing of my life - All I did was steal some bread. You know nothing of the world - You would sooner see me dead. But not before I see this justice done!


Men like me can never change. Men like you can never change. No, 24601! My duty is to the law. You have no rights. Come with me, 24601!

The two men fight.


I am warning you, Javert, I'm a stronger man by far! There is power in me yet! My race is not yet run!


Now the wheel has turned around - Jean Valjean is nothing now. Dare you talk to me of crime. And the price you had to pay. Every man is born in sin. Every man must choose his way.

Javert disarms Valjean and drives him backwards towards an attic door.

You know nothing of Javert! I was born inside a jail. I was born with scum like you. I am from the gutter too.

Valjean is pushed through the doors out onto a wooden loading platform beneath a hoist. Below, the walls of the factory lead straight down to the black sea at high tide. Javert is triumphant.

Valjean glances down and pushes back, dropping into the darkness of the ocean.

Javert goes to jump after him and cannot bring himself to do it. Javert stares into the black sea - there is no sign of Valjean.

LEGO used in this picture: bed from Pet Shop #10218 / sword from Mystery Plane Adventures #75901 / custom minifigures


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