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I'm not a fan of multiplayer modes, especially when it comes to FPS'. However, something weird has happened with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - I'm hooked. Online multiplayer in this game is exceptional. It's intense, satisfying, and the pace that everything happens at is exhilarating. The traversal is awesome, the perks and classes are a perfect new feature, and even though I've never liked any of the previous multiplayers in COD, I love Black Ops 3.

Why? Because it's actually a really good game. The zombie mode is also a ton of fun, and there's even something interesting to be found in Black Ops 3's campaign. It's weird. But I ain't complaining. So, in celebration of my new found love for CoD's multiplayer, I thought we could take a look at some awesome clips of some badass individuals and poor unfortunate souls. Why the hell not, right?!

'Black Ops 3's Multiplayer Is Awesome, And These Clips Prove It!

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

First up, we have Dauntic with a demonstration of how to properly use gravity spikes. Seriously, how do some of you guys land such ridiculously good kills? Every one of these individuals would have spotted me before I even had the thought of jumping from the balcony. Awesome.

See, now, this is how I would use gravity spikes in Black Ops 3. No luck whatsoever! Still... I somehow keep coming back to this mode and continuously enjoying myself. It's all down to practice I suppose. I'll get better guys and girls... right? RIGHT?!

Next up, we have a rather insane grenade toss. Yet again, something that never really works for me in Black Ops 3. I can smash it on [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021), but in the amount of time it takes for my character's arm to take the grenade from their ass, I'm down.

The kill cams at the conclusion of multiplayer matches can often be pretty embarrassing. I can't stand it when you realize the bullet that killed you secured your enemy's victory. I've been caught in this situation a few times, but this poor guy must have been absolutely mortified after this particular kill. "Maybe if I just lie here, and don't move, I'll be fine."

This. Is. Brilliant. The chances of this having happened are so ridiculously slim, and the way in which it goes down is basically perfect. There you are, just aiming at an enemy UAV, when suddenly, someone decides to impersonate a gazelle and make a leap of faith.

This guy is me. I know his pain. I love Black Ops 3, I really enjoy playing it. But after moments like this, you realize that you need to set the controller down and attempt something else for a little while. After the shame has left your body, you can then return to multiplayer with a clear mind, ready for similar mistakes to be made.

I also like to think of this little guy as me. I've very rarely featured in the top three players, but when I do, it feels pretty awesome. However, most of the time, I'm just like this guy. I casually walk in, check out everyone that's in the lead, and then casually slip on out. No harm done, I just wanted to be in the winner's circle...

Finally, you guys NEED to head over to imgur for this one, to check out how people like me use grenades. With skill, that's how....

Have any cool Black Ops 3 videos you'd like to show us? Then let us know in the comments below! See you online, folks.


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