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Today we can finally reveal the details for Star Wars Battlefront's next big adventure. Star Wars fans rejoice: Battlefront will be taking us back to the legendary Battle of Jakku - the turning point in the war against the Imperial!

In case you don't know; the Battle of Jakku was a large scale battle between the Republic and the Empire - the results of which shifted the balance of power in the republics favour and was the first step into defeating the Empire. Remember all those screenshots of the Star Destroyer downed in the desert, half covered in sand? That happened during this bloody battle.

Get ready to wage all new war in [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) as debris from wrecked Star Destroyers showers down all around you. A fallen giant lies crippled in the desert, the engines are still whirring. This is the chance - that one opportunity the rebel alliance has been waiting for - are you up to the fight?

The new game mode is aptly named 'Turning Point' and will support up to 40 players. It works in a similar way to Walker Assault or Drop Zone in the same way that it focuses on the attack and defend element.

The rebels are tasked with locating and securing as many of the control points as possible. Each control point adds more time to the clock - run out of time however and the Empire win the game. The eventual aim will be to take control of all the points which will then allow for a large scale attack on the Imperial HQ.

The Empire must hold back the alliance at all costs. The longer they keep the rebels back the more likely they are to win. But be aware that this is no straight-forward battle. Debris from broken space craft will be falling from the sky all around you - massive aerial battles within the atmosphere will be screaming overhead. This promises to be one of the biggest and most intense battles of your life!

Our first look gameplay trailer will be published here live on November 30, just one day before the pre-order customers get their early access on December 1. For everyone else that hasn't preordered, the Battle of Jakku will go live on the 8th December.

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