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Your parents bring you into the world, and they're often the people responsible for providing valuable support, even during the transition into adulthood. A couple of words of wisdom or generally just being there can make a hell of a difference during difficult times.

Considering the level of scrutiny in the public eye, these celebrities have used their position to show their solid support for their offspring, often teaching us valuable lessons along the way.

So, feast your eyes on these 5 celebrity parents who could be in the running for parent of the year:

1. Johnny Depp and Lily Rose Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean star's daughter Lily spoke publicly of her "sexual fluidity" recently. The 16-year-old Chanel model is supporting Tillett Wright's campaign, 'We Are You,' which is raising awareness of homophobia and discrimination.

Depp put himself in contention for father of the year with his response. Although many people were surprised by the news, the 52-year-old was already in the know, citing his close relationship with his daughter. He said:

"She’s got thousands of followers on social media, and they were all taken completely by surprise. But not me. I already knew because she tells me everything - she’s not afraid to say anything to me. We’re super-tight and I’m very proud of our relationship."

2. Tish Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

Miley told her mother that she was bisexual at the age of 14. Despite initially having concerns due to a strong religious background, Tish Cyrus eventually accepted Miley's sexuality and the two now share a close bond.

Miley explained that her mother's belief in her overcame her belief in religion. She said:

"She didn't want me to be judged and she didn't want me to go to hell. But she believes in me more than she believes in any god. I just asked for her to accept me. And she has."

3. Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen

Following intense media scrutiny, his son Charlie admitted in an interview with the Today show that he was HIV positive, which prompted Martin to speak out and publicly back his son. Martin himself has been campaigning for HIV related charities for years before his son spoke to the media.

Admittedly, facing up to the public and discussing something which unfortunately is still taboo takes a lot of courage. And Martin Sheen agreed. He said:

"This morning, as I watched him alone, reveal his deepest, darkest secret, I couldn't believe the level of courage I was witnessing, and that it was my son.
I left him a message, and I said that if I had that much courage, I would change the world."

4. Ozzy Osborne and Kelly Osborne

Way back in 2002, The Osbournes was one of the original reality, fly-on-the-wall celebrity TV shows. We witnessed how close (and admittedly crazy) the family were, and it appears nothing has changed in the 13 years that have followed.

Kelly got caught up in a racism controversy surrounding her TV program, Fashion Police, when co-presenter Giuliana Rancic made racists remarks towards Zendaya Coleman. It resulted in Kelly leaving the show.

When presenter Billy Bush made comments which alluded to Kelly's involvement in the controversy, her father got involved in typical Ozzy fashion, telling him to "stop acting like a bitch":

5. Will Smith and Jaden Smith

If Will had to defend every bizarre comment from Jaden, it'd provide him with a full-time job. And he definitely doesn't have time with that, what with his busy acting career.

But, still, Will has defended his son and spoken of the fact he has still remained grounded, despite being born into a lifestyle of glitz and glamour.

In terms Jaden would be proud of, the Men in Black star said:

“He has refused to be a slave to money. I so respect that. The younger generation is less of an ownership generation, anyway… He’s like, ‘I’m not gonna let myself need things in that way’ — but I would like him to get another pair of shoes.”

Source: Esquire, E-Online


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