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We'll soon have to say goodbye to Gravity Falls: Disney's hugely successful show will be ending after just 2 seasons. This has left many fans disappointed, but not hugely surprised, as the plot for the entire show has built towards this grand finale, the intensely surreal mindmelt known as Weirdmageddon.

This plot, which sees villain Bill Cipher finally succeed in taking over the town of Gravity Falls (if not the world), is a "giant, epic, multi-part story" which is spread over several episodes. Although often sporadic, Gravity Falls has aired pretty regularly recently. But Weirdmageddon is set to break this tradition, as we won't be getting the hour long final episode until next year!

Stay Tuned...

It seems absolutely tragic to have to wait so long to find out what happens next. The finale of Gravity Falls season 2 is an insane rollercoaster ride, complete with Mad Max-esque car chases, apocalypse gangs, and Lewis CK's “Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity”.

Weirdmageddon is the perfect climactic end to a show that has always blended the terrifyingly bizarre with the lighthearted experience of two kids' summer holiday. But that's the crux of the matter: Gravity Falls was always intended as a self contained story that lasted only until the end of Dipper and Mabel's summer. It's a hard lesson to learn, but Gravity Falls makes it very clear that summer doesn't last forever.

"It was always the plan from day one that this would represent one summer. The experience that I wanted to mirror is the experience of summer camp. As the summer progresses you start to come into your own and have adventures... and suddenly before you know it the summer's over and when you leave it's both bittersweet and empowering because you leave it with the knowledge that you can go anywhere! The idea of it not lasting forever speaks to the preciousness of it."

This was what Alex Hirsch had to say in the B-Movies podcast (which I suggest checking out, it's pretty great). This podcast aired before Alex Hirsch made the official announcement on his Tumblr that Gravity Falls was ending and honestly, we probably should have seen this coming!

The dreaded birthday...
The dreaded birthday...

The end of the summer has been an ominous date on the calendar for much of season 2, and while it's sad to see the show end, Hirsch has a point: the shorter the show is, the more precious it is, and to continue it indefinitely would undermine the message that you can't avoid growing up.

But unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to wait some time until the third part of the thrilling Weirdmageddon finale...

It's Hiatus Time!

That's right, not only do we have to cope with the idea of Gravity Falls ending, it seems we've got a while to wait until the third part of Weirdmageddon finally airs. Along with various press releases about Gravity Falls ending came the news from a Disney XD spokesperson that the final episode, Weirdmageddon III, wouldn't air until "sometime in early 2016". This could be any time from January to March, and while of course this delays Gravity Falls from ending, waiting so long for the last installment of this storyline really slows the pace down for the viewers.

Ah well. Take a deep breath folks! We've got a long wait ahead of us.

Thankfully though, Alex Hirsch has given us some idea of what to expect from Wierdmageddon III...

Time Baby Returns!

Obviously there's a lot to wrap up and many issues to be resolved. Personally, I'm hoping for the Stan twins to finally bury the hatchet, and I can't wait to see Pacifica join the team for one last apocalyptic adventure. Alex Hirsch hasn't revealed much about the last episode, but he has hinted to TV Insider that one antagonist in particular will return...

"Time Baby is a character who, in the universe of Gravity Falls, has a level of power similar to Bill. The difference being that Bill has always been trapped in a formless space where he can’t affect our reality and Time Baby can affect the reality of Time. I will say this, although we’ve seen Time Baby blasted to little time pieces, he might not be quite as destroyed as you might believe."

Will we see a final showdown between Bill and Time Baby? How will Time Baby's return affect the future of Gravity Falls?

We may have to wait a while to find out, but at least we know there are some excellent surprises in store for Weirdmageddon III! So what do you want to see happen before Gravity Falls ends? Let us know in the comments or write your own post!

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