ByNathaniel Rego, writer at
Nathaniel Rego

So far in the first season of the hit CBS series Supergirl, Kara El aka Kara Kent aka Supergirl has battled General Ara, her evil Kryptonian aunt, subdued an Insectoid, saved National City from an earthquake as well as Kroll, and most recently, short circuited the electrical Livewire.

In future episodes of this season, she shall battle Red Tornado in epic combat, finish off and subdue Ara for good, and in the end, save Earth from the alliance of General Zod, whose passing himself as a leader of the Department of Defense since he has something to do with Kara's Earth father's disappearance, judging by his glowing red eyes earlier in S1, and the starfish based alien farming and controlling mind control freak, Starro The Conquerer (Ben Kingsley, Exodus/OUAT/The Jungle Book).

Supergirl resumes saving the world on CBS Mondays at 9pm.


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