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Netflix Inc. has already signed two movies that will be releasing in 2016.

Netflix Inc. is currently dominating the entertainment industry not only in United States but in all parts of the world in which it has expanded its services. As of now, the company is present in more than 80 countries now and has over 70 million viewers. The objective is to expand throughout the world within the next two to three years. However the streaming giant wants to be known for not only owning the rights and providing best content of others but has vowed to own and produce its own TV shows and movies as well.

The company recently released Beasts of No Nation online and in movie theaters. The movie received good reviews as the movie was already watched by more than 3 million subscribers in the initial days. Now the streaming service provider is all set to continue invading the entertainment industry with its new upcoming film that will be released next year. Netflix’s new movie will be featuring Better Call Saul star, Bob Odenkirk, who made his name in the industry because of the spectacular work done in Breaking Bad.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Netflix has chosen a dark comedy movie which will star Bob Odenkirk and Amber Tamblyn. The name of the movie is Girlfriend’s Day in which Bob will be playing a role of a greeting card writer who has been accused of murdering. Bob Odenkirk has also contributed in writing this movie whose director will be a well-known person in the industry, Michael Stephenson.

Apart from this, the company will be releasing two movies in the near future. It also purchased a thriller movie name Mercy whose focus is streamlined on brothers that come together at their house where they find their deceased mother followed by a home invasion scene. Netflix will be releasing both movies next year in movie theaters as well as on Netflix.

The Verge reported, “The dual approach has been part of a constant, steady push on the part of Netflix, despite reluctance from many exhibitors, to play along. Last year Netflix announced that its first original film would be a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that would be released on IMAX screens and online, but theater chains quickly balked at the idea, worried that day-and-date releases would undercut the viability of the movie theater business.”

Netflix is determined to make more than a dozen of online movies and TV shows each within the next months.


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