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Batman v Superman Character lineup
Batman v Superman Character lineup

10th post special. Hello dear reader, this is my 10th post and to celebrate I am starting something new. Welcome to the first ever Trailer Wars, it's really simple I take 2 trailers and compare them and whichever is better wins. The rounds are as follows:

1. Trailer Time

The trailer time for Captain America: Civil War is 2 minutes 27 seconds whereas Batman vs Superman has a trailer time of 3 minutes 40 seconds and in this case the longer the trailer more the content is revealed to the audience.

Score: Batman v Superman 1, Civil War 0.

2. Trailer Release Date

The trailer for Captain America: Civil War was released on 25 November 2015, it was not a major release as Marvel suddenly out of nowhere just uploaded it on YouTube, whereas the trailer for Batman v Superman was shown to people who attended the San Diego Comic Con and was also uploaded on YouTube. Plus there are 2 trailers for Batman v Superman.

Score: Batman v Superman 2, Civil War 0.

3. Content

The trailer for Captain America: Civil War gave us a ton of content and revealed a new character Black Panther. Both the trailers were kind of the same, there is a long loved hero( Captain America, Superman) who unknowingly did something bad and the government is now after them,then a new hero( Iron Man, Batman) has some personal grudge against the hero who in this case is the villain. The new hero explains how the long loved hero is bad and they both fight. Both of the trailers have a catchy dialogue but Batman v Superman opens a wider universe for the DCCU than Civil War offers the MCU. Still the Civil War trailer is new and more and more easter eggs and references are being recognised day by day.

I personally am hyped for both movies but Batman v Superman wins this edition of Trailer Wars. If you liked this post and want to read more click the follow button, you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Questions are welcome and you can ask them here I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Captain America: Civil War character lineup
Captain America: Civil War character lineup


Which movie are you hyped for?


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