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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is one of the most highly anticipated film of 2016. With several years of tension between the heroes of the MCU building up to this, there's no doubt Captain America 3 will be one of Marvel's most explosive films yet. After months of waiting, we've finally been blessed with the first official trailer for the movie and boy oh boy, was it worth the wait!

Just in case you haven't watched it several times already, here's the new Civil War trailer! Check it out again (you know you want to)...

There are so many elements at play here - political side choosing, ethical quandaries, personal betrayals - that it's difficult to decipher what the most important aspect of the movie is. There's also villains like Crossbones and Baron Zemo to think of (what are they planning?) as well as a bunch of other superheroes that didn't feature in the trailer (Spidey, where are you?!).

Thankfully though, the Russo brothers have stepped in to give us some exciting hints about Civil War, and what they say has huge implications for the plot...

Personal Over Political

This is the crux of the matter. [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973) was Marvel's most political movie, with Steve discovering the corruption at the root of SHIELD.

Steve's disapproving pout.
Steve's disapproving pout.

Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed both Winter Soldier and Civil War, stress that Captain America 3 definitely leads on from the second film in the trilogy (and shouldn't be considered Avengers 2.5). In that way, it's easy to assume Civil War will be all about the politics of superhero responsibility. And yet, it's not, as the Russos revealed to Empire.

"The theme of the movie is betrayal and it’s a very powerful theme. The movie’s extremely emotional. It hinges on that emotion, and on a very personal level we didn’t want the movie to become about politics and people arguing about platitudes."

If the trailer proved nothing else it's that Civil War focuses heavily on the fate of Bucky Barnes. With the Sokovia Accords calling for superhero registration, the Winter Soldier's identity is in danger of being revealed to the world. Could this be the reason Cap takes a stand against government control? His motivation is definitely protecting Bucky, and their friendship is absolutely the most important part of Civil War.

Steve, casually breaking my heart.
Steve, casually breaking my heart.

But it's not just a question of allegiances: Bucky's history as the Winter Soldier forms the backbone of the plot. This quote from Anthony Russo is especially interesting when we consider Tony Stark's personal vendetta.

"Certainly the Winter Soldier has a very complicated history as an assassin and a weapon of Hydra – and that history ends up pulling him into a new conflict."

Obviously the Winter Soldier has destroyed many lives over the years, but there's a very specific part of his history that might ignite the conflict between Tony and Steve personally...

Bucky Killed Howard Stark!

Wait, let me correct that - the Winter Soldier killed Howard Stark. This has been the subject of many a fan theory after it was heavily implied in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that HYDRA orchestrated the Starks's deaths, and used Bucky to assassinate them.

This clip shows Zola explaining HYDRA's impact on history. An image of the Winter Soldier flashes up right before Zola reveals the victims of HYDRA, and among those assassinated is Howard Stark.

Obviously, Bucky didn't choose to do this. His actions as the Winter Soldier were a result of brainwashing, and Civil War seems ready to explore the question of whether Bucky is the world's most feared assassin or the world's longest serving POW.

"There’s a part of his personality that was under mind control, and he murdered a lot of people. Who is that person? How does that character move forward? He’s not Bucky Barnes anymore. He’s not the Winter Soldier anymore. He’s something in between."

Oh the feels!

"But I knew him..."
"But I knew him..."

Emotions aside, the main issue of the film seems to be the fact that Steve believes Bucky should not be prosecuted (or worse) for his actions as the Winter Soldier, but the Accords demand he take the fall for HYDRA. And as Tony blames Bucky for the deaths of his parents, he's far from objective about this issue.

Essentially, if the trailer proved nothing else about Civil War, it proved that...



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