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Many of us have been fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise for years - actually there's a huge sale on Steam right now; one which encompasses the entire GTA franchise, too! But I'm getting distracted. As fans of GTA, we've often found ourselves captivated by the worlds that Rockstar create, but they're not always perfect.

After playing GTA V for over two years now, we've already come up with tons of gameplay alterations we'd love to see implemented. But our desires will have to be pushed on to GTA 6. Many fans have voiced their concerns and informed us of the various new features they'd like future Rockstar products to include. Therefore, let's check out some of these new gameplay recommendations that could really make GTA 6 a marvel on its release date!

GTA 6 - Fans' Most Requested New Gameplay Features


Before we dive into the new features, let's take a look at some of the major issues fans had with Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V:

  • Poor taste: "[Rockstar], you're not angsty teenagers poking fun at the establishment anymore. As one of the largest media properties, you're absolutely the establishment." This quote from a disgruntled GTA player on Cracked, couldn't be more accurate. Rockstar can make fun of modern culture - that's what makes GTA so relevant and fun. But they take things too far for the conglomerate they've become.
    The role of female characters is still a disgrace and deeply misogynistic. Additionally, the recent torture scene in GTA V was too much. "[W]ith an audience in the tens of millions, that mission is arguably the biggest torture promotion in the history of mankind." - Seanbaby on Cracked

  • Narrative: Many of us were disappointed by the lack of choice that GTA V granted us in terms of altering the narrative, and even the story in general was disappointing at times. The ending has been singled out though, and I totally see where fans are coming from. It didn't fit the rest of the narrative, and came out of nowhere - it felt tacked onto the end of a great game.

  • Online: LOADING! GTA Online experienced numerous issues at launch, and to be honest, online is still a chore with a ridiculous amount of loading. Players are likely to enter a game, be kicked from the game, and then be thrown back into the over-world that they originally left. This can take over 5 minutes sometimes, and it destroys the fluidity that Online could enjoy.

So, with that out of the way, it's on to GTA 6. Here are some of the most requested features for Rockstar's sequel:

  • Fans want every single building in the game to be accessible. A massive request for sure, but this would be insanely awesome.
  • The map should incorporate different cites; cities which we can travel between by land, air, or sea. Fast-traveling was even mentioned if the map was big enough.
  • Destructible environments or cover. This would require a lot of work from Rockstar, but we're not entirely sure what this would do to the game. Can you imagine being able to destroy sections of Los Santos?
  • Realism was also discussed amongst the community. Things like cars running out of fuel, along with a more vigilant police form - such as random searches and check points.
  • Another request would let players hire and manage crew members. We could form our own gang in GTA 6. But is this the kind of thing we want? Isn't this a bit close to Saints Row?

So what do you think of GTA V? Do you have any gameplay changes you'd like to see implemented for the release date of GTA 6? If so, let us know in the comments!


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