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Marvel has recently announced a Antman sequel, what's interesting about this is that it's title includes The Wasp making her more of a main character in this film. So here are a few ideas I had about what could happy story wise for the new movie..

1. Search for Original Wasp

Now many people spotted this Easter egg when Scott was shrinking down into the micro verse, so what if in the sequel Scott has dreams about his brief time there and somehow remembers the original Wasp being there, this could result in the original teaming coming back together to try and find the original wasp, this story would be more of a sideline thing however because if you were to make a movie about it then it would probably be really boring.

2. Wasp/Antman love story

The Wasp and Antman kiss at the end of Antman so do not be surprised when there love story is expanded upon in the sequel. I would love to see Hope not be as good as she thought she would be in the wasp suit and have Scott have to show her.

3. Avengers tie-in

Antman will make his intro into the Avengers in Captain America Civil War. So in the Antman sequel I would love to see Scott bring Hope into the Avengers ring.

4. Finish the job from the first movie!

Remember this guy from Antman. He was at the end, he was the "buyer". Well if you watch the movie he is part of Hydra and he also gets away with the Pym particles. I would love to see Antman and Wasp take on Hydra to steal back the particles.

What do you think will happen in the sequel?

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