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News about Iron Man 4 will not die, and Robert Downey Jr. is finally in negotiations for his sallery. So here's the gist of what this movie is almost definitely going to be about followed by a rumor.


I know half of you just ripped your hair out, but don't worry. This time Iron Man 4 will feature the real Mandarin, yes there are technically two mandarins. How do I know this?

The Marvel one shot, holy sh** these things actually mean something. In the one shot All Hail the King featuring Ben Kingsleys Mandarin in jail we get to see one of the real Mandarins henchmen kill a bunch of people and say

The real Mandarin wants to talk

The new Iron Man will feature the real Mandarin, (the one whos the boss of the terrorists in the first Iron Man), taking on Stark. Which if you're a Iron Man fan this news makes you flip out.

Now heres a bit of rumor that sounds pretty legit.

The Kid from Iron Man 3 will be taught by Iron Man so he can take over the mantle

The kid with the surprisingly very significant role in Iron Man 3 is expected to make a return for Iron Man 4 and be a sort of a assistant. Another rumor is that Iron Man may get a new love interest in this new film, which I'm kinda iffy on.

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