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There are many times beloved characters die in front of our eyes in films and on TV, but often you are able to suspect such a death before it happens. That's why, when you don't see it coming, and it hits you out of nowhere, it's all the worse and harder to take. Here are ten film and TV deaths that you never saw coming! By the way I should mention that if you haven't seen any of these films, do NOT click on the text because it has spoilers for a terrible death!

1. Serenity!

Yes, that is in fact how I felt after seeing a terrible death occur in this film, and I'm looking at you Joss Whedon! All deaths will be in spoiler warning boxes, but if you click on them that's on you!

Wash was killed at the most random time, just when the crew thought they were safe due to his extremely awesome driving skills. WHY JOSS WHEDON? WHY? WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME?

2. Game of Thrones!

I mean... just any of them really. There's been hundreds of important characters killed off without any warning.

But if I have to single some out, there was Eddard Stark, who was the main character throughout season 1 until his untimely death, there was Robb Stark and all of the people killed at the Red Wedding near the end of season 3, and there was Tywin Lannister, who was merrily massacred by his son Tyrion at the end of season 4.

3. Harry Potter!

Well of all the deaths which J.K Rowling threw in just to cause us more and more pain (she's almost as bad as Joss Whedon or George RR Martin) the worst would have to be...

Dumbledore of course! His death was tragic, unbelievable, and his acceptance made it worse. Also the deaths of Lupin, Tonks and Fred during the battle of Hogwarts were terrible because they were almost completely swept under the rug because of everything else that was going on!

4. Psycho!

Alfred Hitchcock was always said to be the master of suspense, but he didn't make us wait long in his masterpiece Psycho before he did the incredible and...

killed off his leading lady! She was billed as the main character in the film and died within forty minutes or so, leaving other characters to come discover her fate and that of the crazed man next door!

5. Scream!

And if it wasn't bad enough in Psycho, in Scream they did almost exactly the same thing!

Drew Barrymore's character was billed as one of the main characters in the film, and died before the end of the first scene! Wes Craven stop toying with my mind!

6. The Sixth Sense!

I mean... it's not like we actually see the death, but this film is well known for it's ending where...

We find out that the "dead people" Cole has been talking to includes Malcolm, who has in fact been dead the entire film! In Psycho and Scream one of the main characters may have died early on, but in this the main character was dead before it began! STOP WITH THE TWISTS SHYAMALAN!

7. Pulp Fiction!

Following all of the stories of the different characters throughout this film it was very surprising when suddenly...

Two characters that didn't interact at any point earlier in the film came face to face, only for Bruce Willis to shoot John Travolta, killing him off suddenly and shockingly! TARANTINO!

8. The Departed!

Martin Scorcese loves a twist too, and with all of the major stars in his cast it was only a matter of time before he killed one off, but what does he do?

Not only does he go and kill off Martin Sheen and Jack Nicholson, but right at the end it all goes insane and he kills off Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and almost anyone else! Literally the only main cast members left alive were Vera Farminga and Mark Wahlberg! I guess the rest were the... departed.

9. Bambi!

Disney has often horrified me, but none more so than when, as a five year old...

I watched as they killed Bambi's mom! How could they do that? I was five! I wasn't ready to learn about the horrors of hunting! OH CRUEL WORLD!

10. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2!

Just recently out, and most definitely staying in a spoiler warning, is the terrible thing that happened in the finale to The Hunger Games!

I mean come on, of all the annoying (Peeta) characters that you could have killed off (Peeta), why Prim? She was so innocent and lovely and kind, and you just went and killed her off! God Dammit! And Finnick! WHAT THE HELL??? HE LITERALLY GOT MARRIED A DAY BEFORE AND THEN YOU KILLED HIM OFF? NOT COOL MAN!

Thanks for reading guys, whether you read the spoilers or not! Are there other deaths I've missed that were shocking and horrible to take? Then why not write about it?


Which Film's death shocked you most?


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