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Deadpool comes out this Feburary and I'm so exciteddddd!!! If you're not go F*** yourself, just kidding here's a list of 8 reasons you should be...

It's hardcore R

This movie features a ton of sex scenes and gruesome fight scenes. So yeah it's gonna be hardcore R, and I wouldnt want Deadpool any other way. So expect a ton of sex, swearing, and sh** going boom.

2. Colossus

No more of that skinny Colossus bs from X2 and X3. Now we have a big Russian Colossus like the comics. Good job Deadpool you fixed up this X-Man.

3. Shots will be fired at Fox and Ryan Reynolds himself

As said in the trailer

Don't make the super suit green.. Or animated

That's shots fired at himself. Confused?

Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool also played green lantern, Deadpool is now ripping on Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern and will rip on Origins of Wolverine. This should get interesting.

4.Theyre diving into the Comics

For this movie, the director and writers really want to get this character right and do him justice. Just look at the image above. A facially scared Deadpool like in the comics. He also has cancer like in the comics. This will be a very faithful adaptation of Deadpool.

5. Gore and Delight

Deadpool is badass and needs to be extremely gory because Deadpool is generally a violent person. This movie has it right; blood, guts, and glory.

6. Test footage has come to life!!

If you've seen the test footage that got this movie made than you should be very excited that they are recreating that scene in the movie.

7. Fourth wall Broken

Even in the trailer the fourth wall is broken. Classic Deadpool...

8. It's Deadpool

Oh yeah...


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